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Welcome to Moving Companies Cape Town by Pierre Magic Transport. As everyone knows, furniture removals can be a stressful experience, we at Furniture Removals Pretoria strive to keep our clients experience with us as our highest priority
We would like to thank you for showing interest in our furniture removal company. We have fast, friendly and professional staff waiting for you to come in contact with us. Please don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We at Moving Companies Cape Town keep to a 30 minutes reply time strategy. There is nothing worse than sending a moving company service provider an email, sms or online application, only to receive their response a few days later when you already made another plan, therefore will come back to our clients in less than 30 minutes from Mondays to Fridays

Moving Companies Cape Town has been servicing South Africa with furniture removals for the past 8 years. We service the following areas with household removals in South Africa :

Accompanying our moving or furniture removal services are the following:

  • Blankets to cover your furniture for extra protection free of charge.
  • Professional team of packers to load and offload your belongings.
  • Insurance against theft, accidents and fires free of charge.
  • All risk insurance calculated at 3% of the load value.
  • Packing and wrapping of furniture ( please ask for our packing pricelist)
  • Transport of animals
  • Furniture storage facilities
  • Vehicle transport

Steps in booking your moving in cape town furniture removal in Pretoria with us:

  • Contact us by sending us a short sms containing your email address and loading and offloading points, give us a call, send us an email to or make use of our user friendly online application form.
  • At Furniture Removals in Pretoria we keep client services as our highest priority, thus we will reply in less than 30 minutes with an inventory list which you will need to complete and email back to us.
  • As soon as we have received the completed inventory list, we will come back with a quotation in a few minutes.
  • When you have received your quotation, you will need to inform us if you would like to make a booking or not.
  • If you do decide to make a booking with Furniture Removals in Pretoria, we will send you an invoice and load confirmation paper. You will need to pay a deposit and complete the load confirmation form and email back to us.
  • To make a booking for local moves (for example if your furniture removal is inside Pretoria, or if your furniture removal load is inside of Cape Town) full payment is needed at least 7 days in advance. For long distance moves a deposit of 50% is needed at least 10 days in advance.
  • Start planning at-least 30 days in advance.
  • Decide if you would be making use of a packing service or not. If not, collect enough material to cover your items for extra protection.
  • Necessary packaging material can be acquired from packaging companies and can be collected by supermarkets as well, therefore preparing your furniture removal with quality packaging material, ensuring the safety of your household goods. A client must always take note, the more items packed in a box, the more prone it is for breakages, therefore, rather pay another R15 for a box, than have losses of R500.00.

Secure your booking at-least 2 weeks in advance your moving / furniture removal


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